What Causes Pain in the Shoulder Area

Throughout my life, I have experienced pain in the shoulders during different occasions. Most of the time, the pain was due to injury or tense muscles. However, being one of the joints that experience the most motion throughout the day, the shoulders can experience pain caused by different factors. Some of the common reasons people experience pain in the shoulder area include the following.

Injury and trauma

Injury and trauma in the shoulder blade is quite common. This can result from direct trauma on the shoulder joint or, injury that results from using the arms. Shoulder injuries are quite common in athletes participating in contact sports such as football and wrestling. They can also occur in individuals working in menial jobs.

Trauma to the shoulder joint can cause shoulder subluxation which can result in extreme shoulder pain. This condition results when the head of the humerus slips out of the glenoid cavity either forward, backward or, downward. It’s a partial dislocation and can be corrected easily.

Muscle soreness

Sore muscles are another cause of shoulder pain. Muscles soreness can be the result of overuse, injury or stress. The shoulder joint allows for the most movements in the body. As a result, muscles attached to this joint are more susceptible to soreness due to overuse with time. One of the symptoms associated with stress is tense and sore muscles. Massage often helps to relieve the tension.

Frozen shoulder

This condition is characterized by the thickening and inflammation of the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint. As a result, pain from the inflammation and stiffness resulting from the thickened capsule. There is no known reason as to why the capsule thickens and, the condition usually develops over time and, can actually go away by itself. Some of the conditions believed to increase risk of developing the condition include diabetes, heart conditions and injury to the shoulder.

Herniated disk

This condition occurs when the disks separating and supporting the vertebrae slips. This leaves the vertebrae exposed and, they can rub against each other. The result is inflammation and pain in the affected area. A herniated disk in the neck area can result in pain in shoulder blades and arms.


This is a condition that affects the tendons that connect muscles to bones. This condition is characterized by inflammation and irritation of the tendons. If it affects the muscles connected to the shoulder, the result can be pain between shoulder blades.

Acromioclavicular joint disorders

Besides the shoulder joint, problems in the acromioclavicular joint which is just above the shoulder and connects to the collar bone can also cause shoulder pain. Some of the disorders associated with this joint include partial or complete dislocation and tearing of the ligaments in the joint.


This condition occurs when there’s inflammation of the joints. It can occur in any place where bone joints are present including the shoulder joint.

How is pain in shoulder area treated?

Treatment of pain in the shoulder area usually depends on the cause of the pain. However, using painkillers and alternative methods such as heat-cold treatment and, massage can help relieve the pain alongside treating the underlying cause.