Tips on Breasts Stretch Marks Removal

While out shopping with one of my friends – she’s pregnant she seemed a little down. On inquiring why she was blunt and straightforward. “Haven’t you noticed I’m always wearing these turtle necks even when the sun is blistering hot!” she asked curtly. I couldn’t say that I hadn’t noticed since she always loved wearing tops that showed her curvy body. The confession caught me off guard and I was tongue tied. Noticing this she went on. “God! This pregnancy is turning my body into a zebras! I’ve stretch marks every inch of my body.” She said on a lighter note. I knew that she didn’t have stretch marks over her whole body but could tell that she had them around the upper arms and breasts since she took much effort covering these areas.

I wondered if there could be a magic formula that could help her get rid of the stretch marks on breasts and other body parts. Upon conducting a short research, I found the following tips.

The first step to take on how to remove stretch marks that appear on breasts is to give the skin what it needs naturally. Being the largest organ, the skin needs specific nutrients and enough fluids to remain healthy. In addition, the skin is super active as far as healing fast is concerned. This is seen in the billions of cells shed and replaced each day.

Taking plenty of water daily ensures that the skin remains flexible and less vulnerable to stretch marks. In addition, eating foods rich in vitamins, A, B complex, C and E help in maintaining proper skin development. Minerals such as zinc also help promote healthy production of skin oils which play a huge role in stretch mark removal and prevention.

The second step to take in breast stretch mark removal is exercise. Stretch marks occur when the body grows at a rate that the skin can’t keep up with. Although exercise isn’t a proven way of removing stretch marks, burning fat that lies under the skin and keeping muscles lean can help prevent development of stretch marks. Note that the exercises aren’t targeted at increasing body mass which would of course contribute to stretch marks development. Some useful exercises include push ups and aerobics.

The third step in removing stretch marks in breasts is the use of creams and gels. There are many stretch marks removal products available today. Some of these are quite effective in helping scars fade. Some of the best products to use contain ingredients such as vitamin E and natural extracts such as cocoa butter and aloe vera. Majority of these products work by promoting the skins ability to heal itself. That is, they create a conducive environment that’s best for skin rejuvenation.

These three steps have been used by countless pregnant women to effectively remove stretch marks that appear on breasts. Note that the stretch marks might not completely fade but, you can expect to see some changes after a couple of weeks. These strategies aim at preventing further development of stretch marks as well as fading the already existent scars.