People Food Dogs Can Eat

I have been a dog owner for the past 13 years. During this time I have owned well over 5 dogs and they have come to teach me a lot about their habits. Besides being loyal and obedient if well treated, I have come to discover that they have interesting eating habits. My first dogs were usually fed on raw or boiled meat. My ignorance made me believe that they were complete carnivores like their wild cousins. When dog food came into the market, it was a relief for me since all I had to do is dispense the food from the packaging. Years later I have come to discover that besides dog food, dogs can also benefit from some of the “people food”. Here are two foods that I feed my dogs.


A month ago while taking one of my puppies for vaccination a fellow pet owner happened to ask me can dogs eat bananas? Frankly, I had no idea and I guess the pet owner read this on my face and didn’t prod any further. I made a point of asking my vet the same question and he agreed that dogs can eat bananas and other people food including berries, chocolate, vegetables and fish oil.

Like in humans, bananas have several health benefits in dogs. First, they are rich in potassium which is great for the nervous system. These fruits are also rich in vitamins which help to boost the dog’s immune system. A natural antacid, bananas are great for dogs with digestive tract problems such as ulcers and colon spasms.

To serve bananas, cut the fruit into small pieces and mix it with dog food. You can also mash it and mix it with milk. One reason why this is recommended is that dogs won’t naturally eat whole fruits. In addition, it’s recommended that you feed bananas sparingly as large amounts can cause diarrhea in your pet. In addition, it can lead to excess buildup of potassium in your pet’s bloodstream with mild to serious side effects.

Fish oil

Fish oil has for decades been used by humans for many reasons. It contains a variety of essential fats all of which contribute to overall health. These fats include omega-3, DHA and EPA. Veterinary doctors have also found that fish oil for dogs can be beneficial for your pet.

Some of the benefits associated with fish oil for dogs include anti inflammatory effects. These are especially beneficial for dogs suffering from health conditions such as arthritis which can be extremely painful. The essential fatty acids found in fish oil also help boost the immune system allowing your pet to resist and recover from disease easily.

When feeding your dog on fish oil, its worth keeping in mind that the daily dosage will differ depending on the age, type and size of the dog. In addition, if you intend to feed your dog with fish oil for humans, consult your vet to get the proper dosage. Studies show that excess amounts of fatty acids in the dog can alter its immune system and that’s why the giving proper dosage is highly recommended.