Infj and Enfj as Partners

Man is a social creature. We all want to associate with others and be appreciated. As time goes by, we want to be part of a select grouping. We make and break relationships out of what we believe will be best for us. We are especially cautious when selecting our partners. We’ll want to find the personality that we can tolerate for the rest of our lives. In short, our makeup is such that we are judges of personality when it comes to relationships. Every individual has their own unique personality. However, certain personalities are more or less alike and can be grouped together. Examples are the infj and enfj personalities which I’ll look at on the basis of their suitability as partners.

Infj relationships

The infj personality is a perfectionist. They tend to seek out the perfect relationship although few actually find it. As such, they will move from one relationship to another although their main goal is achieving meaningful long term relationships. This personality will easily enter into a new relationship after breakup if they believe that their previous relationship just wasn’t meant to be. To make a relationship meaningful, the infj is warm, sensitive and caring towards their partners.

When it comes to communication, they are excellent communicators and listeners. The infj will make it clear what they expect out of the relationship but, will also listen to their partners contribution. This personality will easily detect their partner’s thoughts and emotions and act accordingly.

Intimacy is highly valued by the infj. To them, it’s not just about the physical experience. It also involves a spiritual connection and they will want to please their partners. However, the infj will want this reciprocated and appreciated.

Enfj relationships

The enfj personality is considered warm and affectionate towards their partner. They will take relationships quite seriously and dedicate a lot of energy towards making the relationship work. It’s common for an enfj to seek confirmation that their partners find the relationship satisfactory. If not, they will do all that is in their power to rectify whatever the partner doesn’t find satisfactory. Once committed, the enfj will be fiercely loyal and at times overprotective of their partners.

A highly optimistic and energetic bunch, enfjs will always bring out the best in their partners. They however don’t give themselves much credit and tend to blame themselves if something goes wrong or if the relationship fails. In case of breakup, enfjs will accept this fact and move on easily.

Enfj personalities will do anything to avoid conflict with their partners. In case of a confrontation, they might even be willing to give up on their values to come to a consensus. There are however instances where the enfj will give their values more priority over their partners opinion and wont waver in whatever way. They are however great communicators and will always want to know what their partner wants or feels.

As for intimacy, the enfj will want to please their partner. However, their nature of wanting to always know what their partner wants can make them predictable killing the buzz of any intimate encounter.