How to Become a Photographer

Photography is one of the exciting careers available today. Demand for professional photographers is on the rise. This demand has been driven by the emergence of digital media, new magazines and publications and, social events. Photography entails a blend of creativity, imagination, continuous learning and an entrepreneurial spirit. The fact is, despite there being demand for photographers, majority work as freelancers and, the competition is stiff. If you wish to become a photographer here are some tips.

Decide on the field of photography

There are a number of fields of photography you can specialize in. they include photojournalism, portrait photography, scientific photography, fine art photography and, commercial and industrial photography. Photojournalists usually work with print media. Portrait photographers take photographs of live subjects such as families. Scientific photographers work in scientific fields capturing images of science and medical oriented subjects. Fine art photographers usually capture images for sale in find arts galleries and competitions. Commercial and industrial photographers capture images for use in media such as advertisements, catalogues and brochures.

The reason why selecting one or two fields is that the top photographers make it in fields they enjoy working in.

Get the necessary education

There are instances where getting an education in photography might be necessary. Fields such as photojournalism and scientific photography demand that you have some knowledge about the field. Besides getting a degree in photography, you will also need to get some practical education. That is, you will need to know how to shoot quality images, select the right equipment and, select the perfect shooting location and conditions.

You should also invest in seminars and conferences that bring together photographers. This is an easy way of keeping abreast of the emerging technologies and also network with fellow photographers. Reading books and magazines on photography also helps you learn more about the profession.

You should also learn some business skills. If you intend to be a professional photographer, understand that you are the business. If you have to earn, you should learn how to market your skills and negotiate for projects. A short business course will do the trick.

Invest in the right equipment

The camera is the basic piece of equipment you will need for your photography work. The type of camera you select will be largely determined by the shooting location and subject matter. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest but quality matters. Other pieces of equipment you might need include a camera bag, extra batteries, tripod stand and a laptop.

Learn from others

People who excel in any field are likely to learn more from top performers in their professions. Find a mentor to guide you in the field of photography. In addition observe all photos you come across. Have an eye for quality in photographs and try to apply this in your work. This allows you to better understand what publishers and photo editors want. Besides learning from others, you should also strive for originality. Use your creativity to give photos a fresh look.

Create a portfolio

Take multiple photographs and create a portfolio. This will come in handy when looking for new projects. Submit the photos to different publishers and advertising agencies. This will give you an upper hand in case the publishers are looking for a photographer for upcoming projects.