Facts about Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

I first heard about kidney stones from my father. I overheard him informing my mum that one of his work colleagues and good friends had developed kidney stones and wouldn’t be going to work for a couple of weeks until the stones passed. I was too young then to consider researching kidney stones but thought of what do kidney stones feel like did pass my mind.

I have heard about kidney stones while growing up but it wasn’t until last week when a friend of mine got affected. Although a young fellow, he had been affected by a condition I thought affected persons well beyond their thirties. He’s doing ok now but, I know those stones can be painful if they grow large enough.

Besides using over the counter medication, people with kidney stones are usually advised to try out home remedies for kidney stones. Even doctors recommend some home remedies which can help their patients recover faster. I did some research on these home remedies and found the following.

What are home remedies?

Home remedies can be described as any food, drink or topical product found in the home that can be used to provide relief or treat kidney stones. You don’t require a doctor’s prescription to access these remedies.

Are they safe?

Kidney stone home remedies are safe. They are actually products you include in your diet. However, to be more effective in treating kidney stones, they are taken more often than usual to achieve the desired effect. However, this doesn’t mean that you take too much of a specific home remedy since there can be side effects including allergic reactions.

How do they work?

Kidney stone home remedies work in different ways to provide relief. They include the following.

Some home remedies work by diluting existing stones and preventing formation of new stones by keeping urine saturated. A good example is water which helps to keep minerals in urine and blood diluted.

Another group of kidney stone home remedies work by acting as tonics. These provide pain relief especially if the kidney stone is large and has blocked the ureter. Some of the common home remedies that act as tonics include kidney beans and olive oil.

Some home remedies work by neutralizing specific minerals and thus preventing the accumulation of the said minerals in urine. Some of the notorious minerals that cause kidney stones include calcium and uric acid. Foods that contain minerals such as potassium and magnesium help to regulate levels of kidney stone causing minerals. In addition, people with kidney stones are also advised to eat foods that contain kidney stone causing minerals sparingly as a treatment measure.

Some foods act as natural diuretics prompting more urine formation. This act in itself helps the patient to pass the stone as well as promotes intake of fluids to replace water lost in urine. The stinging nettle is one of the popular diuretics.

Kidney stones home remedies are a great way of providing relief and treatment. Considered safe, they are also a great way of ensuring that kidney stones don’t recur in the future.