Causes of Pain in Right Arm and Itching In Armpits

The arm is one of the fairly exposed parts of the body. It’s therefore prone to injury especially due to its mobile nature. Connecting the arms and upper body are the armpits. Unlike the arms, armpits are usually hidden. Although not prone to injury, armpits can be quite itchy. There are many different reasons why your arm might ache or armpits itch. I will discuss some of these.

Causes of pain in right arm

In most cases, pain in the right arm might result from an injury. However, there are instances where the pain might be referred from a different organ. Pain in the right arm might be a symptom of heart attack. In such instances, rather than feel pain in the chest area, pain moves through the shoulder and down the arm.

Another cause for pain in the arm can be tendinitis. This is a condition that results from overuse of the tendons present in joints. Tennis elbow is a form of tendinitis.

Osteoarthritis can also cause arm pain. This is a condition in which the bone structure erodes making the bone weak. This condition is usually associated with old age.

Straining the shoulder and arm muscles can also cause arm pain. In cases where you have tense muscles, the pain might travel down your shoulders to the lower arms.

Causes of itching in armpits

One of the most common causes of itchy armpits is poor hygiene. The body’s secretions, dirt and sweat need to be washed off regularly in order to maintain proper skin pH. One of the areas of the skin that produces a lot of sweat is the armpit. The skin is also home to bacteria which are usually eliminated through washing. If left unchecked, the bacteria multiply and coupled with the dirt, secretions and sweat present in the armpits can cause an itchy rash.

Excessive sweating is another common cause for itchy armpits. Sweat alters the body’s pH and in the presence of bacteria, this can cause chemical reaction which can result in irritation of the skin.

Overgrowth of the Candida fungus around the armpits can also cause itchiness in this area. This fungus inhabits the skin along with other bacteria. However, there are instances where the fungus might overgrow and its main target areas are those which aren’t mostly exposed to sunlight. Health conditions such as immunodeficiency diseases, hormonal disorders and hot humid conditions.

Dermatitis can also cause of itchy armpits. This is a condition whose symptoms include redness and inflammation under the arms. It’s also most prevalent in warm and humid areas such as the armpits.

Miliaria rubra is a condition that is prevalent when skin is exposed to hot and humid conditions such as those found under the armpits. It is characterized by blockage of sweat glands causing itchiness. Exposure to chemicals found in deodorants can also cause this condition.

Cysts commonly known as hidradentis suppuravita can also form under the armpits causing itchiness. These from after the ducts responsible for the secretion of sweat become blocked and infected. As a result inflammation and accumulation of pus in the ducts occurs causing an itchy rash.