Benefits of Arts to Kids

kids art

Children go through different stages in their life. As they grow, they grow into unique beings. An important stage in their life is when they use art to express themselves. Whether it’s using a piece of chalk to doodle on the wall or splashing paint on a surface, this is an expression of the child’s artistic side. Every child goes through this stage. Most parents encourage their kids to express this artistic side and, this is recommended. Art has many benefits for children and it includes the following.

Expression of inner feelings

Interestingly, children learn to express their inner complex feelings through art earlier than through speech. They will want to express their emotional feelings physically. Art is a great way for a child to relay their feeling to their parents.

For example, a child will draw a simple picture of the family holding hands in a meadow to express a feeling of love within the family. The child can also draw an airplane even if he has never been on one as a recollection of a plane he had seen in the past. For the parent, this is one of the easy ways of understanding what the child is feeling at that particular moment.

Development of motor skills

Artistic expression is one of the best ways for a child to develop their motor skills. A child will initially doodle and scribble when their motor skills aren’t well developed. As he continues to challenge his artistic skills, there is a gradual change towards finer and more recognizable pictures.

Development of social skills

Children will usually create a piece of art and display it to others for approval. If you put two children together for art sessions, it’s very likely that they will share their work and, acknowledge each other. It’s also likely that they will want you to take a look at their work and provide your verdict.

The two children will also likely cooperate when working on their art. Each will take their turn working with a specific tool or color before allowing his partner to use it.

Development of self confidence

As a child moves from one stage of their artistic finesse to another a sense of self confidence develops. The child knows that their hard work is paying off and, will want to develop the skill further. Such self confidence will come in handy in the future at school when making new friends and working on challenging tasks.

Identification of talent

Talents are best identified when someone is young. Children who love the arts are identified when they are young. As a person grows, he or she will show a passion for something. If a child loves the arts, they tend to favor these over other talents such as sports. Nurturing this talent is an essential responsibility of the parent.

Problem solving skills

Art helps children develop their problem solving skills. The child is actually trying to solve a problem when creating a piece of art which is in their mind in abstract form and translating it into a picture on paper in the concrete form.